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Desktop Printers - Ideal for a wide variety of applications including product marking, point of sale,retail, small
office, shipping labels and other labelling and tag applications at the best price anywhere. The user friendly
clamshell design and spring-loaded label roll holder of the DA200 makes loading simple. It can also sense by
Top-of-form: gap: black mark: or notch as standard. The DA200 comes with 128 MB Flash & 64 MB SDRAM
memory that can be used for easy storage of fonts: international character sets
and graphics.
Industrial Printers - Print high quality labels at the fastest speeds with the TSC TTP-346MT printer. The
TTP-346MT features a high technology printhead combined with faster processors and upgraded firmware.
The Thermal Smart Control print technology provides accurate: crisp and clear labels every time: whether you
are printing one label or thousands of labels in a batch. The TTP-346MT can print on a wide variety of labels:
ranging from healthcare tags: electronics and jewellery labeling to shipping and distribution labels: making it
ideal for industrial duty printing. The TTP-346MT features a rigid: full die-cast aluminium frame
design for tough environments. It can support a large 8.2 inch outer diameter label roll and up to 600 meter
ribbon capacity for high volume printing. The powerful TTP-346MT features the TSPL-EZ™ printer-control
language: a fully compatible set of standard industry emulations: including Line Mode: Eltron and Zebra
languages and will work in many IT environments including
Oracle, SAP, Unix, AS/400,Windows, Stand Alone
and many more

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