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Ashtree Comtrol Partners

Globeweigh Group has strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers

These partnerships contribute greatly to our success. Partnering with the leaders in their respective fields allows us to tailor solutions for every industry.

  • Savema
    Savema is an engineering company founded in Turkey in 1995 which produce high quality, low-cost thermal transfer printers and incorporate many sectors of the industry such as electronic, mechanical, software. They also design according to customer specifications. Savema is constantly developing new ways to apply superior digital technology which is why we are delighted with this partnership.The partnership was developed to address a challenge faced by our customers who required a solution to obsolete kit that they struggled to find adequate replacements for. After much research, we partnered with Savema to provide precision engineered, state of the art, thermal transfer printers that fit seamlessly into existing setups. This partnership has enabled us to expand the solutions we provide our customers.

  • Labelpak
    LABELPACK was founded in 1992 with the aim of developing automatic solutions for printing and applying labels with barcodes and variable texts which was soon joined by the design and production of automatic labeling machines and labeling systems which have had an important evolution since 2006 with the start of a phase of design and development of new solutions that led to the creation of the LABELX series.The company is made up of a team of specialists who have been able, in these years of economic crisis, to respond to market demands with increasingly qualitative and reliable solutions without neglecting the economic aspect of the proposed solutions.Ashtree Comtrol are authorised North South Ireland distributors for LABELPACK solutions.

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